these services ensure your forklifts operate safely and efficiently. Whether you need a quick fix, a comprehensive maintenance program, or a new forklift altogether, qualified service providers offer the expertise and resources to keep your equipment in top shape and your workflow uninterrupted.


Owning a forklift empowers you with on-site material handling control. Purchasing a new or used forklift allows you to optimize your workflow and avoid rental fees for ongoing projects. Consider factors like capacity needs, indoor/outdoor use, and budget when selecting the right forklift for your business.


Renting a forklift offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for short-term material handling needs. This option is ideal for one-time projects, seasonal spikes in workload, or situations where you need a specific forklift type for a limited time. Forklift Toronto provide a wide range of forklifts with varying capacities and fuel types to suit your specific job requirements.

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We maintain low overhead costs to offer you the most competitive prices in the industry. However, low prices never compromise quality. We uphold the highest standards in service and equipment.

We value your business and show it! We offer special discounts for both our loyal clients and those you refer to us.

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At Forklift Toronto, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. From managing your materials to maintaining your equipment, we’ve got you covered.

Full-Service Material Handling: We take the burden off your shoulders, handling all aspects of your material movement.

Expert Forklift Operations: Our highly qualified forklift operators ensure the safe and efficient movement of your goods.

Complete Forklift Solutions: Sell, buy, or rent the perfect forklift for your needs, backed by our expertise.

Flexible Financing Options: Find the financial solution that fits your budget with our tailored forklift financing plans.

Genuine Forklift Parts: Keep your equipment running optimally with a full stock of genuine forklift parts.

Preventive Maintenance Programs: Maximize uptime and avoid costly breakdowns with our preventative maintenance plans.

Annual Forklift Inspections: Ensure your equipment meets safety standards and regulations with our thorough annual inspections.

Reliable Forklift Transportation: We provide secure and efficient transportation for your forklift equipment.


- Full-Service Material
- Handling
- Highly Qualified
- Forklift Services
- Sell, Buy and Rent Forklift Equipment

- Financial Services
- Forklift parts
- Mechanized
- Preventive
- Maintenance
- Annual Inspection
- Forklift Transportation services

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At Forklift Toronto, we’re committed to providing businesses in the Greater Toronto Area with everything they need to optimize their material handling operations. From sales and rentals of new and used forklifts to expert service and parts support, we offer a one-stop shop for all your forklift

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- Decades of experience serving businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.
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- Industry knowledge to recommend the perfect forklift solution for your needs.


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